Our school has shuttle services from each neighborhood to ensure a safe and timely transportation of students between school and home on the condition that there are at least seven students registered for each neighborhood shuttle. This service is provided by the contracted company (Ay Grup Tur).

In order to provide better and one-to-one service to parents, company officials serve at the shuttle contact office on floor -2 during working hours. Preschool, 1st and 2nd grade students are safely accompanied from their classrooms and led to the shuttles by shuttle guides.

As they use shuttle services, our students are required to:

  • Fasten their seat belts and remain seated during the drive,
  • Avoid speaking and behaving in a way that distracts the driver and disturbs their friends,
  • Not bring food and beverages into the shuttle and keep the vehicle clean,
  • Not keep the shuttle waiting for them and be present at the given time and location to prevent any disruptions in shuttle service.